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Scituate History

Historical Scituate

Historical Scituate


Populated Places
 Major City (1,000,000+)
 City (500,000 - 999,999)
 Minor City (100,000 - 499,999)
 Town (20,000 - 99,999)
 Other Place
 National Capital
 Other Capital

 Treaty or Cease-Fire
 Indefinite or Unsurveyed
 State and Provincial
 High-detail Route Area

 Interstate Highway
 Limited-Access Highway
 Other Highway
 Arterial Road
 One Way Street
 Toll Road
 Track or Trail
 Route Highlight
 Road Construction Route Highlight
 Road Closure Route Highlight
 Interstate Shield
 U.S. Highway Shield
 State Highway Shield
 County Highway Shield
 Trans-Canada Highway Shield
 Other Canadian Highway Shield
 Mexican Federal Highway Shield
 Exit or Interchange
 Railroad Tracks
 Railroad Tunnel
 Railroad Station
 International Airport
 Military Airport
 Other Airport
 Seaplane Landing Area

Parks and Reserves
 National Park or Reserve
 National or State Forest
 Other Park
 Indigenous Reserve
 Military Reserve
 Golf Course
 Small Park

Points of Interest

National Park Facilities
 Boat Launch
 Boat Rental
 Canoe Launch
 Food Service
 Hiking Trail
 Medical Facility
 Picnic Area
 Ranger Station
 Visitor's Center
 Wheelchair Access

 River, Stream, or Canal
 Intermittent River or Stream
 Intermittent Lake
 Glacier or Ice Field
 Swamp or Wetland
 Spring or Well

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